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These are the must-know technology trends!

Lukas Wagner

Lukas Wagner

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The ever-advancing digitization is changing our economy, society, and our coexistence inexorably. New digital and intelligent applications and products, such as smartphones or artificial intelligence, are developing at an exponential rate and are already making everyday life easier in many areas. In the next few years, technological trends will continue to penetrate various areas of our lives and flood the markets with intelligent technologies. Smart homes – smart factories – smart life: Robots in production and Virtual Reality in the home office. Technology trends shape our everyday life. In a time of digital change, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, questions about the future are often asked. What will it look like in a digital world?

Image: Smart home with networked technology, controllable via mobile phone.
Source: Sabine Kroschel via pixabay.com

A look at our three technological trends of the future allows us to get a little idea of where the journey of digitization could go.

Trend 1: Digital voice control

Alexa – who does not have an Amazon voice device at home yet? Alarm clock, timer, recipe searches, retrieving news and weather information, streaming music for free or even listening to jokes – all of this is no longer a problem with Alexa’s voice control. Today, one Alexa device can already control 100,000 different smart home devices. And this comes with an upward trend. Networked refrigerators that will soon not only be able to order products independently, but also generate recipe suggestions on command according to their content, cleaning robots that vacuum the room on command or washing machines and dryers that can be controlled by voice command via Alexa. All of this is no longer utopia these days. It is just a matter of time. The so-called Internet of Things makes our everyday life much easier. It is to be expected that this trend will continue to expand in the future. Whether in everyday life or in the office, in the future, many tasks will only be able to be carried out using voice instructions. Definitely a trend to watch out for in my opinion!

Trend 2: Smartwatches, fitness trackers or personal trainers via an app

Sport is an important way to balance our stressful everyday life. But in the past few months in particular, a visit to the gym was usually not possible. So sports activities had to be relocated to the home. A boom for all fitness apps in the sports industry. The classic fitness trainer faces competition from digital training programs. Sports activities are getting cheaper and easier. One in five already uses such a digital offer at home. Healthy nutrition and exercise are not only trendy in the long term, but they are also more important than ever in times of Covid-19.
Fitness trackers or smartwatches are worn directly on the body. You can precisely track your heart rate, number of steps or distances during any sports activity and thus support an efficient workout. At a time when a “healthy lifestyle” is more fashionable than ever, the digitalization of the sports industry is clearly a future trend.

A common workout problem is lack of motivation. Who does not know that? Choosing between Netflix and chips or the apple and a workout can quickly end on the couch. The problem of lack of motivation also leads us straight to our third trend that you should know: gamification.

Trend 3: Gamification

Games inspire. They inspire young and old for a lifetime. Gamification makes use of this attraction. Through the use of game-typical elements, gamification triggers motivation and fun in users and can thus inspire people to engage in unloved or annoying activities. This way, motivation for a workout, for example, can be demonstrably increased.

The effect can be reinforced by using new technologies such as augmented or virtual reality. The more real a simulation, i.e. the feeling of playing a game, the greater the user’s motivation. An alternative to augmented or virtual reality is the unidice dice, as a gamification option, brought back into the real and tangible world.

The small, fully digitized dice that can be used individually with different skin sets creates a milestone in terms of gamification solutions. In a new and innovative way, it combines the familiar feel of a conventional game dice with the highly developed technology of unidice.

The unidice dice can not only replace every imaginable game dice, but can also be used very easily for the gamification of your workouts, your office work, or your household chores. Simply load the appropriate skin set on the app and you are good to go! By rolling the dice, the unidice can be your personal trainer and generate suggestions for exercises, sets and repetitions, or it can easily take over your organization in the office. You can also use the dice to train your mental abilities in brain jogging or to learn new languages in a relaxed, playful way. Alternatively, it can also simply be used as a dice for interactive and hybrid game worlds. Whether you prefer to play board games, pen & paper, or tabletops games – the unidice dice is not only an innovation in the field of gamification, but it can also take your gaming experience to a new level.

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