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– Dicepoker –

Dice Poker is a game beloved around the world. Unidice aims to take this experience to the next level by combining the physical feeling of the game with the digital calculation of the game results to prevent discussions about who won and who lost. The game further appeals to the eye with variable appearances that can either modernize the feeling of the well-known dice poker game or create a new visual experience with a whole new design.


Welcome to the world of Cyberrun, where you will face tricky situations and dastardly enemies in your quest to eliminate the underground bosses threatening your client’s company. This turn-based cooperative board game is fully digitalized and packed with adventure.

Create your own stories…

As A$h1taka meets her client, Mr. X, she is met with the usual confusion about her chosen moniker. After wading through the awkward introductions, Mr. X instructs his new runner to infiltrate and eliminate the underground bosses who threaten the very existence of his company. At first, A$h1taka isn’t terribly keen on the gig but then Mr. X reveals the life-changing payment awaiting her if she’s able to pull it off…

Lured by the promise of fortune, A$h1taka agrees to take on the challenge. After accepting a new gig, her first destination is always the nightclub, where she gathers helpful intel about relevant people, places, and other leads. Suddenly, a dreadful squeal disrupts her walk to the club. She whips around and sees a familiar robotic face – it’s the unit she thought she’d destroyed during her last gig. She reaches for her gun in a panic, but the injured android is faster…

game art for hidden role

-Project Title: Hidden Role-

In the hidden role game, every move has rippling consequences. Your actions, the roles you play, the faction you join, and the people you trust all influence whether you win or lose. A single decision or roll of the die can change the course of the game entirely. Will the majority remain in control? Or will they be toppled by the hidden minority?

Create your own stories…

As a member of the least influential faction, Ben can trust no one. Still, he has to rely on other members of the circle, even though it could spell his ruin. To protect himself, he decides to start moving as though he’s part of the most influential group, wielding an imaginary power.

The rogue he hired last round failed to bring him and his faction any progress. Even worse, certain members of the most influential group suspect him to be a spy. Can he come out on top against all odds and win this game of intrigue?
, but the injured android is faster…

darkages-game art

-Dark Ages-

In Mage Roguelite, the player must overcome one danger after the next in a seemingly endless dungeon. In this quest, the player can choose between different spells, schools of magic, traits and effects, all interacting to create the perfect mage. Helpful resources are scattered around the dungeon, which can be used to rebuild the village which is connected to the dungeon and unlock more tools.

Create your own stories…

While a young mage helps his master perform a ritual, something goes terribly wrong. The mage is suddenly sucked into a parallel dimension, waking up in a demolished town with a man smiling down at him. The man is a builder who assumes the young mage is a master of his school, deaf to his assertions otherwise.
The builder explains the situation to the young mage and deploys him to the first dungeon run to collect resources for reconstructing the builder’s hut.
Once the hut is rebuilt, the man shares blueprints of the other destroyed buildings with the mage. Can the young mage rebuild this city and help other mages thrive?

-Fauna War-

Lead your chosen hero to victory and expand your territory, seizing it from the AI or other players. To successfully capture land from your enemies, you must strategize according to your strengths and the anticipated strategies of your enemies. Fight battles in different game modes with and against other heroes for endless variety.

Create your own stories…

Addae, the paladin of the sun, wishes to expand the borders of his land. To accomplish this end, he won’t hesitate to use his power, army, and every advantage he can scrape together.

The first target in his sights is the peace-loving sanddune kingdom. While stationing his army and workers at the border to the sanddune kingdom, the cats sense that something is amiss. They begin bolstering their defenses for every second Addae holds his attack.

To capitalize on the strength of his army, he decides to wage an attack, even while factions of his army are still marching towards the border. But the defensive strategies of his opponent outweigh the strength of his army and his sun-given powers — the fight is lost. What will the cats do now while his army is weakened?


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