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Must-know board game classics for home

Lukas Wagner

Lukas Wagner

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They are popular and have been around for a while. And are frequently brought out and played in a social gathering. Board games are still considered to be hip, and people go back to board game classics as well as new games.
Especially in times of lockdown and co. one wants to get away from the binge marathon with loved ones at home and get active. We pick up on a couple of the classics here and give you fresh ideas for the next get-together with friends. Some of these classics have probably been forgotten by one or the other over time.

Risk – The Strategy Game

This game, you may remember, goes on forever and can sometimes fill an entire evening. Before the start of the game, one player must be appointed president, and he or she is responsible for the game material. The remaining players are divided into armies; this happens based on the number of players, for example with 4 players each player gets 30 armies. Each of the players then determines his or her strategy area. The goal of the game also varies with the number of participants. With two players, the objective is to disband the opponent’s armies. With 3-6 players, each player gets a secret mission card, and once a player has completed that secret mission, he or she has won the game.

Especially Popular – The Settlers of Catan – The Dice Game

The distribution of resources in this game is determined by dice and is purely a matter of luck. The 6 dice have the raw materials imprinted on them, and each player may roll up to three times per round. With the combinations of raw materials rolled by dice, such as wood, clay, grain, wool, ore and gold, roads, settlements, cities or even knights can be designed. The game material includes a small game board with the island of Catan, which each player receives and places in front of him or her. The buildings shown on this game board must be rolled by dice in order. The game is played for 15 rounds, and afterwards each player adds up his points. For each round in which a player could not complete anything and could not roll a road or any other of the specifications by dice, he or she receives 2 minus points. Thus, the player with the highest score wins.

Image: Board games on the rise Source: 955169 via pixabay.com

Who Does Not Know It – Yahtzee

In order to determine the player who starts the game, all players roll the dice one after the other, and the player with the highest combined value of rolled dice may start the game. The game is suitable for 2-8 players; in theory, more players can participate, but there is a risk that it becomes a “Yahtzee marathon” and the fun is lost. Yahtzee includes 5 dice, special Yahtzee score cards, which can usually be bought pre-printed, and each player receives a pen in addition to a score card. Each player has 3 rolls per round. After the first roll, a player can decide whether to keep any of the dice he or she has rolled and which ones to roll again. This can be repeated after the second roll. After the third roll, the dice are scored according to value rolled. However, a player does not have to use all three rolls, if he or she has already reached the desired goal after the first or second roll; a player may already pass the dice to the next player and score his or her points.

On the score card there are two sections, a top and a bottom one. The top section simply contains the numbers 1-6. The bottom section must be combined from the dice into, for example, a Full House (3 of the same and 2 of the same dice), or a Four of a Kind (4 dice of the same number). A game ends when the last field is filled by the last player. The player with the most points added together, from the top and bottom sections, wins.

Possible Expansion of Board Games for More Game Fun

You have the opportunity to expand your beloved board game with only one digital dice. With the smallest fully digital dice from Unidice, for example, there are countless possible applications. This dice offers the following features:

• Can replace just about any game dice
• Dice allows game extensions
• Provides room for reinvention and own ideas

Additionally, the dice allows you to network into hybrid worlds and thus join a huge community. The dice, so that it can really be used for just about any board game, has a variety of customization options. Each side can be customized with icons, images, or GIFs.

Find out if your favorite board game can be combined with the digital dice and get started.

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