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Lead projects to success with Kickstarter.

Lukas Wagner

Lukas Wagner

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Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Founded in 2009 by Perry Chen and Yancey Strickler, it offers startups new financing options. Kickstarter advertises that so far more than eight million people have raised over USD1.5 billion via the platform; 83,000 campaigns reached their funding target – this corresponds to 38 percent of the discontinued projects. So if you have an idea, this is the right place to put it. The better the preparatory work, the greater the chance for your personal success.

Crowdfunding means that the idea is presented to a broad audience, who can then participate in your success in different ways. Information can be found here: https://www.crowdfunding.de.

Today’s best alternative for startups to bank financing.

Image: The team behind the idea usually decides whether your startup will go through the roof.
Source: Geralt via pixabay.com

Nine months that are worth it.

They say a good idea takes as long to mature as a birth: Nine months (and usually feels similar). This period is also a realistic timeframe for starting a company “overnight.” Ideas take time to be properly thought through. Weigh opportunities and risks and put everything on paper. If you can, make it graphically appealing, if you can’t, get help. This preparatory work is important and is already “half the battle.”
The more elaborated your idea can be presented, the better a shot you have. Use every moment to bring your idea to maturity.

(Community) work comes before success

Once the project is posted online on the Kickstarter platform, you only have 30 days to reach your funding goal. Only what is actually achieved as a goal is paid out. If time runs out and you have not reached your funding goal: Too bad. Next round. That is why the preparatory work is extremely important here. Now you surely understand why it is important.

Make a list of all of your contacts
Think ahead of how you will talk about your project
Plan how you will approach the press and bloggers
Assemble a team of trusted helpers
Do your homework before working with an advertising agency

Do you know your target group?

Think about who should buy your product later when it can go into series production. The better you can define the target group, the easier it will be for you to work out the relevant advertising materials.

Be brave. Be visible. Starting today, you are an entrepreneur

Tell everyone you meet about your ideas. Do not be shy. As an entrepreneur, you have to be confident and be able to convince others of your idea. If you stand behind your idea and can convey it verbally in 5 minutes, then put yourself out there. Tell everyone.

Success does not come from following

Walk the path less traveled in presenting your business idea. There are enough boring profiles already. See how others are doing it in advance of planning. Those who have already had success on crowdfunding platforms. The more elaborated the profile, the more people it will be able to address on kickstarter.com.

Prior to the presentation on Kickstarter there is the right “material”

Make sure you have a flawless website that fully reflects your idea and is easy to understand and that gives even more space for information than kickstarter.com can. Kickstarter is linked to your www. address, and there you can provide more detailed information. This investment is also worthwhile and must be taken into account in the preparatory phase.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Most projects on Kickstarter include a video and images or other media that support and reinforce the story of the project. A good video and expressive project images can have the power to be shared by many. They invite potential backers to take a closer look at your project.

Do you want to be scalable?

Then you have to “think twice,” namely in a multilingual fashion. This means that all promotional materials must be geared towards this. Most of the campaigns run on Kickstarter’s US website. You may have the whole world in front of you from the start. This presumes that your idea is then also understood and read. Internationality is important and increases the number of people who could support your idea.

Once you have done your “homework” nothing stands in the way of success on Kickstarter or on other, similar platforms.

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