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House of Influence is a Hidden Role game, which is set in a historical age of intrigue and cunning. Join one of two houses: the majority or minority house! Win by gaining the most influence points for your house at the end of a game! But be careful: Your allies might not be who you think they are. In this bluffing game the end justifies every dirty lie and clever trick you have up your sleeve to tip the balance to your house’s advantage! Keep your wits during your turn by choosing the one role that will put your house at the top!

  • Average play time: 20-30 minutes

  • Number of players: 3-10

  • Team vs. Team

  • Gametype: Hidden Role Game, turn-based

  • Recommended for ages: 12+

  • Requirements: Smartphone with Bluetooth connection+unidice


Game Preparation

At the start of the game, the unidice will divide the players into two houses: A majority and a minority. Each player receives the unidice once to have their houses assigned.

This happens as follows: The first player looks at the top side, and the unidice shows them what house they belong to: Then the die is passed on to the next player.

As in every Hidden Role game, every player has to keep their role hidden until the end of the game. Unlike the majority, the minority has the advantage, that the unidice will show them which player belongs to their house.

How to play the game

  1. After the houses have been assigned, the players have altogether six roles at their disposal for the whole game. Each turn a player rolls the unidice and two roles will become available. But the player only gets to pick one! One role, displayed on top of the die, will be able to use a special ability img-mail. The role displayed on the other sides of the die can only utilize a normal ability img-mail.
  2. Confirm your choice by doubletapping on the display with the role you want to pick.
  3. Just follow the instructions in the app to use your role’s ability with the die!
  4. After using your role’s ability, turn the die upside down before passing it to the next player to keep your house hidden!
  5. Final round: After the 4th round the players’ houses are revealed and the unidice calculates which house has managed to gain the most IP. If the players choose to use this outcome in the next game, the winning party will be the majority house and the losing party will be the minority (with the advantage).

Every player can check their current IP points at the start of their turn.



  • A single player can accumulate at most 40 Influence points for their house and cannot have less than 0 IP.

  • Be careful which of the 6 different roles to choose in your turn. You can use every role only once per game!


There are five different houses with different effects that last for the whole game. Some houses combine effects with roles, so each House of Influence game will feel different!


  • There are altogether six roles availalable. Once a role has been used, it cannot be used again until the end of a match.

  • Each role has a special ability, which involves manipulating Influence Points and/or information.

HINT: The current default setting is set to 4 rounds and the die updates the IP scoreboard every two rounds. But in the options menu you can change the number of turns to a maximum of six rounds. You can also change after how many turns the scoreboard will be updated.

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