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Fauna Wars takes place in a world, when animals rule the lands. It combines the intricacies of round-based strategy with tower defense mechanics to upgrade the gameplay. Seize victory with your chosen beast hero to expand the territory of your people. Prove your tactical skills by using the strengths of your tribe to counter whatever forces and tactics your enemies throw at you – be they other players or AI. Add variety into the battle by trying out different game modes to fight with or against other heroes and tribes for many hours of fun.

  • Average playtime per level: 5-15 minutes

  • Number of players: 1-2

  • Player VS. Environment / Player VS. Player

  • Gametype: Real Time and Round Based Strategy

  • Recommended for ages: 12+

  • Requirements: Smartphone with Bluetooth connection + unidice

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Game Preparation

  1. Choose PvE or PvP mode
  2. Pick a Game Mode
  3. Select a Mission
  4. Select your Character

How to play the game

The Gameloop:

  1. Tactical Phase:
    1. Distribute which dice (simulated by the unidice) should influence which part of your kingdom (Upgrades, Army, Workers, Research and “Hero Specific”
    2. Roll the unidice for investment results
    3. Choose a location for your units to move to or attack. In the real time phase the units will move accordingly.
    4. Upgrade your dice to facilitate higher investments(D4->D6, etc. best Dice is D12)
    5. Upgrade your villages and buildings
    6. Use other skills available in the Tactical Phase
  2. Realtime Phase:
    1. Unit Movement starts
    2. Player can use active skills during the Realtime Phase
    3. If enemies are in the same target location as your units, they will fight and the winner will occupy the building
  3. Repeat

You will have achieved victory as soon as you have fulfilled the conditions of the game mode!

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Capture all buildings to win. This game mode will have different maps, which will require different tactics.

The Scale

Accumulate enough points to tip the scale in your favour by tipping it all the way down for your opponent. This game mode can be played on various maps, which requires different tactics to win.


Capture all the buildings and eliminate your opponent to be victorious. There are different maps and you will need to apply various tactics for victory.

King Of The Hill

Hold one point or more points and defend them for a specific amount of time. This game mode will include different maps, which might require other tactical approaches.

The Story

You might think that after the Age of Humans has passed, the notion of war would have become obsolete. But now it is up to the leading animal tribes to decide once and for all, who is going to be on top of the food chain. In order to increase the size of their tribe’s dominion and influence, none of these heroes will hesitate to use force. Pick one of six heroes and use their tribe’s characteristic strengths and resources to gain an advantage over your opponents. Use them wisely and victory shall be yours!

The Characters


Enola is the wise shaman of the steppes. Her tribe’s strength increases with their numbers and growing influence.


Robin is a gentle archer who lives in the big forests. He wishes to expand his territory to give his people a a place to live in peace.


Khepri is the dignified queen of the Sand Kingdoms. Furthermore, she’s one of the lead architects and widely known as one of the best builders who have ever lived.


Addae is the steadfast paladin of the Order of the Sun. He likes to use his units efficiently when defending, so he can dispatch more soldiers during attacks.


Ezume is a secretive ninja who has come from the far away eastern seas. Nothing more his known about him.


Frövidh is a fiercesome warrior of the snow tribe. Infamous for his power and mercilessness.

fauna wars gamecharacter_lion


Faun Wars-dice icon for research

Generate research points for upgrading one of your dice.

Fauna wars-dice icon for army

Influences amount of spawned army units.

fauna wars - dice icon for worker

Influences amount of spawned worker units.

Fauna Wars -dice icon for upgrades

Generates mana. You need mana points to use basic skills.

Fauna wars-dice icon for hero-special
Hero Special

Generates points for your ultimate hero ability.

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