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What roleplayer doesn’t know these lines?

“I lost my character sheet”

“I brought the wrong dice!”

“I forgot my RPG dice at home.”

“We haven’t played for weeks.
How do I attack again?”

The unidice- the one and only RPG Digital Dice with six tap displays- will replace all dice, sheets and rules you could ever lose or forget.

Another huge advantage:
All you need: One unidice + unidice Fantasies app. And you can adjust it to almost every RPG system that exists ( or does not exist yet).

Put all the complexity into the digital dice and out of the game session – without losing the satisfaction of rolling a die as we all love and know it!
All you need is the unidice and our ultimate Pen&Paper app!

What are the advantages of unidiced Fantasies?

Feature 1: You can create a character sheet for any TTRPG system!

You can either create your own sheet or just import character sheets and characters created by other players.

When designing your own character sheet, you can add different tables via drag and drop and add as many properties as you need to your tables!

character sheet from pen&paper app - sci-fi - fantasy
character sheet from pen&paper app - sci-fi - dnd-fantasy
character sheet from pen&paper app - sci-fi
robot character

Feature 2: Simplify your digital dice rolls!

Make rolling simple and easy: You only need to enter the formulas for your dice rolls once into your character sheet. You can add formulas by using our building block system – your character will always be ready for the party afterwards. Whatever ability or test you need: you can adjust the formulas for any kind of TTRPG system.

You can further specify rolls by letting the unidice know the conditions for success and failure. You can even add extra formulas for critical successes and failures!

Don’t know what you need to roll next for a success after some complex rolls? No problem, just put these specific conditions into the app as well and the unidice will automatically proceed to the next dice roll formula- and simluate all the digital dice you need for them!

Feature 3: Modify your character sheet anytime!

After creating or importing a character sheet, you happily fill in your character sheet.

But then you notice you made a mistake! Or your DM checks your character and decided you cannot have a specific character trait afterall. But fear not: With the unidiced fantasies app you can fix, update or modify your sheet anytime – even formulas!

Feature 4: Add special sound effects to liven up your dice rolls!

TTRPG is all about immersion: Liven up the game by adding sound effects to your game! Got a little battle theme that would be just right for a critical roll? Or an awesome fireball sound to go with your spells? Breathe life into your story by adding epic sound effects to your digital dice rolls!

Tipp: Use unidice skins for your own custom digital dice! FOR FREE

Have you ever wanted custom dice that would be perfect for your rogue ? Or a unique skin for your futuristic hacker? Our unidice skin library provides a huge variety of digital dice skins for every purpose. And you can download them FOR FREE! Find your favorite digital dice skin in our unidice skinworlds!

custom digital dice skin -fantasy
digital dice skins in fantasy style

Curious about what else the unidice can be used for?
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