Given how new unidice is, you are likely to have many questions.
Here you will find answers to some of them.
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We are currently planning the rollout in spring 2022. Please note: As early as summer 2021 there will be a crowdfunding campaign, where you can secure the unidice on special terms. Subscribe to our newsletterto make sure you don’t miss anything!

No. Even in the area of games, there are countless possibilities with tabletops, hybrid games and much more. But unidice will also create entirely new experiences in completely different areas such as sports, education and even dating.

Quality and durability are our top priority! In addition to a plastic casing that also cushions drops from great heights, the outside of the six screens is made of state-of-the-art Gorilla Glass – guaranteed to be shatterproof!

We are also gamers and know that a game night can quickly turn into a whole night. This is why long battery life is particularly important to us. Therefore, the unidice has about 2 hours of full running time. And when the energy runs out, simply charge with the supplied induction charger using the fast charging function – and you are good to go!

unidice is operated via our comprehensive app for Android and iOS. Here you can get new games, dice skins and much more. You can also download your very own designs and graphics to your unidice using the app!

In addition to numerous color variants, there will also be various editions of the unidice with unique cases for our most loyal followers or event participants. Sign up for our newsletter – it will be worth it!

The development of software and hardware of unidice takes place in Germany and in the Silicon Valley, California.