About us


Technology fans, students, entrepreneurs, “digital natives” – in the unidice team, you will find people of all ages with very different backgrounds. What unites us all is the joy of playing, the enthusiasm for new things and the urge to put our ideas into practice. Even if it is not immediately apparent, we can call over 6000 board games our own.
Open and honest communication, no fear of mistakes, constructive conversations about any idea that sounds crazy – these are the cornerstones of our daily work. In mid-2020, for example, we set out on a journey to turn the dream of a digitalized cube into reality. And so with unidice we will create completely new experiences for our community.


We all grew up with board games and dice as familiar haptic companions for all sorts of challenges. But as the world around us and the game scene continued to change, the dice remained unchanged. We want to change that. Digitalization also offers endless possibilities to create unprecedented experiences with the dice. Whether as a “one fits all” solution for all board and board games at home, as an innovative addition to software games or as a central building block of hybrid games where the digital and analog worlds converge. Limitless creativity: that is what our work is all about.


How about a revolution? It is time for the dice, which is used and loved all around the world, to come to the digital age. It is clear that our initial focus will be on games – whether analogue, digital or hybrid. But we think that dice can do more. Much more. Due to its practical form, unidice will become the everyday companion of the next generation and change the way we do sports, how we learn and even how we date. One thing is clear: we need an enthusiastic community to turn this vision into reality. The lively exchange and interaction with it will therefore always be at the heart of all our actions.

The team behind the unidice

Elke Helm

Managing Partner

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Helm

Creative Director

Matteo Werth,
M. Sc. Physik

Technical Director

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Gödel

General Manager
Product Development

Isabella-Viktoria Helm

Head of Game Development

Karin Trier

Web designer

Fabian Görres

Head of Marketing

Lukas Wagner