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The unidice is the smallest fully digitalized dice, which combines advanced technology with a familiar feel.

The countless applications can be expanded individually and not only create the basis for interactive and hybrid game worlds, but also set a milestone for gamification solutions.

Advanced technology

The world's smallest digital dice

Countless hybrid worlds

Connect with players from all over the world

Countless customization options

Symbols, images, gifs and much more

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All games in your pocket with the unidice universe

application examples

One dice fits all – this has never been done before! The unidice is not only capable of replacing any conceivable dice, but also offers countless possibilities for expanding games, reinventing them or customizing them with your own ideas.

There are no limits to the imagination! Here are just a few ideas for games, which will be taken to a new level with the unidice:

A reason to unpack the old board games again!

Take your role-playing adventure to the next level!

The ultimate upgrade for hobbyists & strategy game systems

Get an upgrade for your unidice and perfect your dice world.

unidice worlds

Analog, digital and hybrid games are by no means everything! The unidice offers endless possibilities to make everyday life more entertaining and exciting.

Therefore, we will develop further exciting applications for unidice in the future:


Swiping is not good enough for us


The perfect companion


The accessory of the future


More than just brain jogging

Office applications

Gaming your organization


Variety in learning

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