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Dice Poker: One of the most famous casual games all around the world. Use the unidice to take this classic dice game to the next level! No more unnecessary discussion over who won and who lost. Have the unidice do the tedious calculations of the game results and enjoy the new Dice Poker experience with your friends! Getting bored of plain old poker dice? No problem! Just upload new dice skins into the unidice to change it to a different design for a new visual experience!

dice poker-screen

How To Play?

  1. Throw your unidice
  2. Doubletap the dice results you want to lock so they won’t change during your second die roll
  3. Roll the unidice a second time
  4. Doubletap again to lock the screens you want to keep – you can also unlock screens so you can roll them again!
  5. Roll the digital die the third and last time.
  6. Give the unidice to the next player.
  7. After everyone has had their turn, the player with the best dice result after three rolls wins. 
The application will track everything for you – so no need to worry about losing track anymore!

Poker Hands Ranking

Five of a Kind


Four of a Kind

dice poker hand four of a kind

Full House

dice poker hand full house


dice poker hand straight

Three of a Kind

dice poker hand three

Two Pair

dice poker hand with two pairs

One Pair

dice poker hand with two of a kind


dice poker hand-bust

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