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Welcome to Cyberrun, a Sci-fi Adventure Game, in which you take on dangerous missions – however dubious they may be – in single or co-op mode. Fight rioting Cybernetics, strange Alien hybrids and rampaging AI robots in order to find your path on an alien planet. Improve your chances of success by bringing allies along and installing augmentations on your character to accomplish your mission! Roll the unidice for items and use them to defeat enemies – whatever mysterious species they may belong to!

  • Average playtime per level: 20-40 minutes

  • Number of players 1-10

  • Single Player, Coop Game

  • Gametype: Round Based Strategy

  • Recommended for ages: 12+

  • Requirements: Smartphone with Bluetooth connection + unidice

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The Game Basics

  • The battlemap and every information you need to track the fight is displayed on the mobile phone. The unidice is used for rolling items and choosing actions.
  • Rerolling and using gear costs AP (action points).
  • By matching up the categories of the item they have rolled, players can cancel enemy attacks and hit the enemy’s weak spots. Stay vigilant of the enemy’s actions and you may reach the final stage of your mission!
  • Altogether you have to pay attention to six different item categories

How To Play?

  1. Just choose one of six different roles and you’re ready to join the action!
  2. A player just needs to start rolling to start their turn, which costs one AP. The unidice top face will show you the item you can use this turn.
  3. Now you have two options:
    1. If you are unsatisfied with your item result, you can decide to reroll again for the cost of one AP.
    2. You can decide to use the item at the AP cost, which is displayed on the mobile phone.
  4. After using an item, it is the next player’s turn.
  5. This cycle continues until it is the enemy’s turn. You can track the enemy’s AP on the mobile phone.
  6. The fight is over, when either the enemy is defeated or the party’s HP reaches 0. But don’t worry: In a world as advanced as Cyberrun death is not final. You can restart the campaign anytime!

The Story of Cyberrun

A long time ago alien symbionts and humans have joint an alliance to live in peaceful coexistence. Together they have built a technologically highly advanced city for symbionts and humans alike. But now this city’s inhabitants, known as Cyberrunners, find themselves caught in a net of corruption. Will the fragile alliance between aliens and human hosts last? And what lies beyond the promise of Cybertechnology that surpasses the limits of humanity? Will you be able to uncover the truth that lies underneath the City of Cyberrunners?

Item Categories

  • gun/ranged: 2-4 damage
  • melee fist: 1 damage
  • hacking tool: delay enemy action by reducing AP
  • medical kit: heal 4 hp
  • energy shield: grants party temporary hitpoints
  • backpack: roll the dice to receive two item options

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