A showcase of the new Art Styles for the unidice

House of Influence-3D-art cover with 3 characters in a discussion

The variety of unidice art The unidice art is a reflection of the unidice vision: To connect even the most diverse communities across the globe. This is why the game art style ranges from cute and simple to horrifying and action loaded- and everything in between. Above all the unidice creates a new visual experience […]

Why a dice with Bluetooth? Top5 reasons for unidice

unidice with mobile phone app game mockup

Why a unidice? Connect a dice with Bluetooth to the digital and traditional gaming world and you get a unidice: a Hybrid dice with endless possibilities in its six digital displays. But why return back to a dice in the age of Virtual Reality? Instead of bringing the gamer closer to the Digital World, we […]

Press Release 2022-05-24

The digital dice unidice gets its first hybrid games With Cyberrun, House of Influence and Dice Poker, the unidice includes the first hybrid dice games in full version. Though the digitalized dice achieves the leap to the perfect smart game device that connects the analog with the digital world.  Designed in collaboration with independent and […]

unidice – behind the scenes

unidice – behind the scenes WOW – we shot our first video and put it online! All was shot in Austin, Texas – with a detailed script, real actors, a film crew on the set and a rented house. The white interieur was colorfully illuminated – but not too much –  to set the spot […]

unidice in the office

unidice time

Using the unidice for time recording in the office Do you know the unidice? A completely new type of game cube, which can be used for time recording as well as for leisure. Our undice is much more versatile, colorful and widely applicable. It has a great design, is charged on a very fancy induction […]

Press Release 2022-02-07

unidice with app

Want to know how to play the unidice? Swing and roll the unidice Activate your digital dice by a simple wave gesture. Then connect it with the unidice app. Handled like every other app – you decide what to use the unidice for. Choose the game you want to play or the graphics you intend […]

Press Release 2022-02-01

unidice – How our vision of a digital dice started What means “a digital dice”? “For millennia, the dice remained just that – a multi faceted solid object with fixed outcomes. The digital dice, however, bridges the gap between the analogue and the digital realm. With this we want to enrich the market first and […]

Lead projects to success with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Founded in 2009 by Perry Chen and Yancey Strickler, it offers startups new financing options. Kickstarter advertises that so far more than eight million people have raised over USD1.5 billion via the platform; 83,000 campaigns reached their funding target – this corresponds to 38 percent […]

Must-know board game classics for home

chess board with three classicdice

They are popular and have been around for a while. And are frequently brought out and played in a social gathering. Board games are still considered to be hip, and people go back to board game classics as well as new games.Especially in times of lockdown and co. one wants to get away from the […]

These are the must-know technology trends!

The ever-advancing digitization is changing our economy, society, and our coexistence inexorably. New digital and intelligent applications and products, such as smartphones or artificial intelligence, are developing at an exponential rate and are already making everyday life easier in many areas. In the next few years, technological trends will continue to penetrate various areas of […]