unidice Partners: Projects for the new Dice Gaming Console 2023

unidice gaming console with surface ink and Bouken icons is surrounded by game art from Caesar, Los Banditos, Roll Out and House of Influence

Surface ink: developers of the unidice Gaming Console First, realizing the unidice vision of a new unique dice gaming console is no easy task. Which is why the first partner unidice teamed up with was Surface ink, a well-established product design and development, as well as software engineering company. Known for its technological innovations, this […]

Game Developer insights: Exclusive look at “Cyberrun” and unidice gaming

Sci Fi game art from Cyberrun with unidice render in foreground

What kind of game “Cyberrun”? Cyberrun is a “cooperative game with a blend of puzzling, strategy, and luck”(Rando, Game Developer). “It’s a futuristic game with roguelike influences so each run will feel different. As you do more runs you will get more insights and tactics and will be able to fight your way through alien […]