3 Top Art Tips On How To Make Your Own Digitized Custom Dice Set For The Unidice

dice set editor app and unidice with witch custom die faces on a table at night

Digital Custom Dice Art: Get ready for HQ quality on a die! First of all the ultimate digitalized custom dice with its six 3,9 cm x 3,9 cm displays allows plenty of artistic freedom for artists and designers to play with. Both traditionally and digitally produced artwork can fit into the 240px x 240px resolution, […]

How To Make A Digital Dice Set For The New All-In-One Die via app

guy holds unidice with tiefling skin in hand und taps on mobile phone selecting the tiefling skin

Use your own digital Dice Set and make the unidice your own! Do you love unique dice sets and want to breathe more life into your board games and roleplaying characters or to create your own individual die activities? Then the unidice and its six 3,9cm x 3,9cm customizable screens can make your dice fantasies […]